It has been one year to the day that I had my second round of open heart surgery.  The Pulmonary Valve was replaced and The Tricuspid Valve was repaired.  I have my life back after 12 months, it was a long journey and there were a great many people that made it a whole lot easier starting with my wonderful fiancee Penny and the VERY talented Dr. Rybeka and all my family both immediate and extended.  I’m enjoying having a new lease on life things were so hard the previous two years leading up to the surgery regarding my health but now I’m back to my normal self and trying to turn back the clock on my health by ten years or so.  I’ve taken up going to the gym at least three times a week and I’m looking forward to losing some unwanted pounds and increasing my lung capacity and just living a much healthier lifestyle.  I don’t remember much of the first surgery so this one was kind of like my first one and there was just no way to escape the fear of my mortality.  Not everyone has to look directly into the potential end of their lives and I did it with as much strength and conviction as I could.  I’m glad that everything went well and I’m really happy to be on with the rest of my life.  Hope you join me!
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