Well, well, well hello there Mr. Myspace page long time no writey writey.  What’s that….where have I been you ask?  Oh no where really…what’s that you know I’ve been spending time on another website and that I’ve created another page on another website community.   Oh come Myspace stop crying don’t get so emotional it’s not you I promise it’s me.  What?  Don’t call me an asshole!!!  Fuck you too!! All you ever did was let me write on you and post a few pictures, you should see my new friend.  He lets me post however many pictures I want at his place.  And you know what else…not only does he let me talk to my friends, but he actually assists me to that end.  And on top of THAT, he’s even helped me reconnect with some old aquaintances, when’s the last time you ever fuckin helped me do that?  I get to play games, read my horoscope, check the weather, test my musical knowledge and talk about my hobbies with my friends in a safe environment.  No, no, no this isn’t good-bye you just have to stop crying.  I’ll be around but I think it’s only best if we’re friends now.  I really like Facebook and I just don’t think I’m going to have as much time to come and visit you anymore.  It’s not like I’m moving to another IP address I’ll still be around just not as much.  Listen you just don’t get it do you?  It was alot of time and work to come here once a week and write something to you.  There are only so many times you can say that Calgary sucks or that I hate bad drivers before people tune out.  But I think I can manage once a month….hey listen I told you don’t call me an asshole!!  You really don’t have much choice in the matter, Facebook and I are an item now and I’m trying real hard to explain the whole thing to you and anyone else why we’re such a superior team that you and I ever were.  But I still have feelings for you, afterall I shared some really cool and deep shit with you and unless the world wide web comes crashing down we’ll always be able to revisit them and I promise I’ll try and come by at least once a month.  Oh and as for Youtube, he told me he’s comin with me and Facebook.  I know that hurts but you’re kinda obsolete.  But never say never, we could always get back together, just tell your writer to boost your capabilities and memory and I’ll consider it till then…Oh sorry MySpace, Facebook is calling and I think Youtube is on call waiting.  Take it easy old friend, thanks for listening.