So I’ve just finisihed my fourth rehersal and have another one coming later this week (they’ve up it to two practices a week) and it’s still fun.  The director has given us a number of sheets to help us flesh out our roles such things like memorizing lines, scene conflict, character devolopment, and even a color chart that exlpains feelings that are expressed through color.  It has all been a facinating and wonderfully eye opening experience.  As for my own personal progress things are coming along swimmingly I mean let’s not forget who I am and what I’ve been up to the past couple years with the whole karaoke gig, it’s not like playing a drunken piano player is a huge stretch.  However I am learning my timing and facial expressions as well as some background action that I will be doing while I’m not actually speaking.  If I haven’t had a chance to explain my role to in depth to you I will elaborate a little more.  I actually do not have any "spoken" lines.  My lines are all sung as they are lyrics from songs that fit in with the current dialouge.  For instance near the end of the play I begin to sober up and the Private Detective begins to interogate everyone and when he gets to me I query him in the style of The Who and sing Who….are you, who, who, who, who I really want to know.  Anyway I probably have about twenty lyrics or so that I have to sing.  So what I’ve done to practice is get all the songs and put them in the order that they will appear in the play and I burnt a CD kind of like a soundtrack to the play (and I will have copies for sale after the play for $5…..just kidding) and have been listening to it in my room and in my car on my way to and from work.  All in all things are going real great with the play and we even had an article run in the local paper this week.  Some more news and notes for anyone that is interested in attending, the play will have one showing (I know already that this is bad for some and I’m sorry you’ll miss it but know I’ll be thinking of you that night) on Saturday, May 5th.  At this point I don’t know a start time but I was told just this evening that the tickets will be $30.  Now I realize that this is a little more than some might expect for local theater but the other piece of really fun news is that this is not just a simple play.  It is actually a Murder Mystery Dinner Theather, so there will be a wonderful meal to go along with your superior acting entertainment.  That’s all I have for now I will continue to keep you all posted.  Anyone that is intersted in coming it might be good to let me know ahead of time I think the tickets are going to be available on April 4th and with only one showing I have absolutely no clue how quick or if it will sell out.

Yours Truly From The Stage